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Dominick Tumacder B.S. HSM, RRT

Founder of Respiratory Wiki

Greetings fellow Respiratory Practitioners, Having been a RRT for 10 years I fully understand the challenges involved in this profession. Though we are among the first to be called during an emergent situation, we are among the last to be recognized for a job well done. Being a Respiratory Practitioner involves a selfless attitude whose primary reward is the satisfaction of knowing that you helped someone breathe.

It is in that same spirit of selflessness in which I created

For years I have seen the need for a centralized location for Respiratory information on the internet. Every time I have gone to look something up, I've found it difficult, as the information has always been on different websites and you never can depend on its accuracy. As Respiratory Professionals, we should strive to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in treatments and stay familiar with the core tenants of our field of education.

The Respiratory Wiki is an informational website whose primary goal is to provide a free comprehensive online reference for Respiratory Practitioners and students. was built using the same software as and like them the information on our website is completely user created.

Though this method of information gathering tends to produce less than accurate information, it is our hope that building a rich community of Respiratory Practitioners who create, peer-review and edit content will increase both the quality and accuracy of the information on our website.

Through this model, we recognize that could not be successfull without its contributers and I want to share my heartfelt appreciation to you for helping us become a success.

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