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A nontraditional learner-directed (independent study) is conducted by the learner at his or her own pace. The instructor does not interact with the learner in real time. The number of contact hours awarded is determined by the AARC and is based on the estimated average time required to complete the learning materials, tests and evaluations. The formats for non-traditional activities include, but are not limited to studies of web-based courses, archived webcasts, pod casts videotapes, audiotapes or monographs or the content of journals listed in Index Medicus. In contrast to traditional courses, only one content designation may be assigned to a nontraditional course. Satisfactory completion of a post-test is required to meet the requirements of all learner-directed courses. A fixed fee is charged to review and administer the program. In addition there is a fee based on the length of the course to review the course learning materials. Nontraditional courses are approved for either one or two years.  

List of Online Nontraditional CRCE

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